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This study critically examined the efficacy of phosphate binding by a new phosphate binder, calcium succinate monohydrate (CS), under three in vitro conditions designed to mimic phosphate binding in vivo. Experimental results were compared with phosphate binding by calcium acetate (PhosLo® gelcaps), under the same conditions. 

Phosphate Binding Study
Download Our Literature Review: Magnesium Inclusion in Phosphate Binders

GI absorption of diet-derived phosphate may be lowered and controlled by cations such as calcium and magnesium. Since both physiological metals bind phosphate, what may be observed if they are used in combination?

US8759398B2: Phosphorus Binder Composition For Treatment of Hyperphosphatemia

This BioLink patent illustrates our unique approach to addressing unmet needs and enhancing patient care. By selecting calcium succinate we identified a phosphate binder that exhibited equivalent phosphate-binding properties to calcium acetate in vitro but could not generate a volatile, irritating acid. Moreover, succinate is an integral part of human metabolism and the tricarboxylic acid cycle.

Download AHA Graphical Abstract

AHA Graphical Abstract - Magnesium Counteracts Vascular Calcification. 

Magnesium Inclusion in Phosphate Binding

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How Phosveda Works

Reducing serum phosphorus levels by binding dietary phosphates in the gastrointestinal tract continues to be a focus of treatment of CKD. 

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On Target For Phosphate Binding

Calcium salts are effective, inexpensive, and widely used phosphate binders.

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Download BioLink ASN Conference Presentation Material

Information presented that the 2019 ASN Conference.

Magnesium Distribution

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Phosphate Binding Study
Literature Review
ASN Conference
AHA Graphical Abstract
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